Quick Release Couplings

Quick release couplings are simple mechanical devices that permit easy and immediate connection or separation of fluid transmission lines with a minimum of stoppage time and spillage. They are important parts of a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer utilities.

Quick release couplings can also be called quick connect couplings, quick disconnect couplings, quick disconnect couplers, quick couplings, quick connectors, quick disconnects, breakaway couplings and many other names. Air quick couplers are used to make connections between air compressors and pneumatic tools. In hydraulic systems, hydraulic quick disconnects are used to quickly connect and disconnect fluid lines without losing fluid pressure or introducing air. Quick disconnect fittings are often designed to be operated with one hand without the aid of tools, though some models still require the use of a wrench. Quick release fittings are used in many industries where the efficient flow of fluids with quick and easy disconnection is necessary, such as in gas transfer, firefighting hoses, agricultural sprayers, automotive systems, chemical and food processes and in the construction industry. Quick couplings also help ensure safety. For example, aircraft fuel tanks are filled by hoses equipped with dry disconnect couplings because the fuel is extremely combustible and couplings reduce spillage. This prevents accidental fires and inhalation of fumes by the operator.

Some Leading Manufacturers


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For more than 25 years, we have served as one of the most reliable sources for diagnostic, testing, and maintenance equipment. We supply a huge variety of diagnostic quick connect couplings, including pressure test couplings, gauge adaptors, hose unions, and much more. Our objective is to provide maintenance technicians with the tools and components they need to perform their job safely and effectively, and our quick release couplings deliver the reliability and performance to make that happen!

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Since 1965, S4J Manufacturing Services has been a leading manufacturer of precision quick release couplings. We manufacture all kinds of couplings, including inline fittings, threaded fittings, plugs, and more. Looking for something unique or specific to your needs? We can work with you to design, manufacture, test, and assemble a solution to even your most challenging applications! Contact us today to learn more!

Quick couplings are operated by connecting the female end onto the male end of a hose or tool. At least one of the ends has a valve, and when the valve opens, the quick coupling is connected, allowing fluid to flow through in either direction. When it is disconnected, a spring closes the valve, preventing fluid loss and the entrance of air. This happens quickly, shutting the system down almost immediately. The quick disconnect coupling can be connected or removed by turning an interlock mechanism, such as a nut. A quick disconnect is always operated by hand rather than by machine because something unexpected could happen to which a machine could not respond. Some installations require the quick disconnect coupling to be safe-tied with wire. The majority of quick release couplings are composed of metal materials, such as brass, aluminum or stainless steel. However, plastic couplings have increased in popularity due to their corrosion-resistant properties and lower cost. Common working fluids include air, hydraulic fluids, steam, water, oil, fuel, chemicals, gas or solid transfer. Sizes range from 1/8 inches to ten inches in diameter, and they can usually handle high pressures and temperatures.

There are variations of couplings that are advantageous to use in certain situations. Air quick couplers are used when working with air. Because “spilling” air is not typically dangerous, the seals used in these couplings are not as quick and tight as they are in other systems. Breakaway couplers minimize product loss and safety hazards by remaining open during normal use and closing rapidly under excessive force. They are typically used during the transfer of hazardous materials. Hydraulic systems utilize hydraulic quick disconnects because of their enhanced durability and strength, which minimizes the loss of fluid and pressure. A quick connector is a device that joins two or more parts together in order to prevent leaking or a drop in pressure. In a coupling, the male tip can be referred to as the connector. Quick connectors or quick disconnects can also refer to couplings or fittings. A quick release fitting or quick disconnect fitting is a general term given to a part that simply connects two pipes or hoses together without valves or seals. One main difference is that couplings can rotate while connected, but fittings cannot. Dry disconnect couplings are used in sanitary conditions or where hazardous materials are handled. They provide a drip-free connection and have a variation of a mechanical internal lock to prevent accidental releases and openings. Before the coupler can be separated from the hose or pipe, the valves are closed and sealed off by identical discs in the male and female halves.

Quick release couplings are available with a variety of connection designs. The simplest and least expensive are plain connectors, which join the male and female with a ball-bearing sleeve lock. Single-poppet connectors have one seal to close off the supply of liquid and are frequently used for applications when a minor spillage is acceptable. Double-poppet couplings, however, have two seals that close off both sides. This traps only a small volume of fluid between the valves. Though more mechanically complicated than other options, the double-poppet eliminates the need to collect spilled product or drain the lines before disconnecting the coupling. A sleeve and poppet coupling experiences zero fluid loss and does not allow air to enter the system. Other quick release coupling types include double rotating ball, sliding seal and stapler couplers. Sliding seal couplers have seals flush to the exposed ends of the male and female halves, which allows little space for dirt and bacteria. They are used for hazardous chemicals for minimum spillage. When chosen carefully and applied correctly, quick release couplings can be invaluable assets to their users.

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