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Quick release couplings are devices that allow for effortless on demand connection or separation of fluid transmission lines with little spillage or any drops in pressure. Essentially they are connectors that allow fluids to easily stop and start traveling through tubing at any given time. Easier put they are a device that creates a joining bond between two or more parts. To make a complete coupling set two parts must be used which are the male and the female connectors. Here the male connector fits perfectly into the female connector to for a tight seal. The nice advantage to quick release couplings is the ease to connect and disconnect at any time. With any other hose hook up, commonly found it a threaded hook up where one must twist on to one another. Sometimes the hose can twist with the threaded motion causing the hose to get kinks and have other issues. Having the quick release couplings save a lot of time and hassle compared to hooking up regular hose connections.

Most often quick release couplings are used to connect pipes, tubes or hoses together for the transfer of various liquid forms. They can be found to be in use around many industrial manufacturing buildings in conjunction with the equipment and machines they use. Another popular place for them to be seen is on boat and camper plumbing systems. This allows for a very simple clean out system throughout a boat or campers toilet and shower hook ups from the draining to the waste system.

Quick release couplings come in a variety or sizes and material. Some elements that these couplings are made of are stainless steel, copper, bronze and plastic. You would want to choose which one is best fit based on the type of project and the types of liquid would be running through the coupling.

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